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My project entitled “Disappointing the Boy’s Club” is concerning the importance of speaking out about the issue of gender based discrimination within the male dominated workplace.  With this project I am hoping to raise awareness and help change the imbalance of power that still exists for many women working within this type of workplace.

“Disappointing the Boy’s Club” seeks to provide a much needed cultural analysis using my personal battle with the hierarchy of the Boy’s Club and their “secure membership of followers” – employers, unions, institutions and even the agencies that are supposed to prevent discrimination and advocate for women’s rights- all of which have supported the Boy’s Club by turning a blind eye to the realities of gender discrimination. Somewhere along the way our women have adopted the view that being strong in the workplace means putting up with the Boy’s Clubs bad behavior.  True strength lies in saying enough is enough and speaking out against harassment.

“Disappointing the Boy’s Club” succinctly suggests what we will have to do as women to regain power and solidify our identity and place within the male dominated workplace and society in general.

Exposing the methods used by the men that harass is one of the ways to defuse the Boy’s Clubs dominance.  As I have discovered, backlash is one such effective method and nothing more than propaganda used to silence women.  Once named for what it is, women will not fear to speak out about harassment and the Club’s dominance will begin to dissipate thus aiding in uplifting our value and confidence.

As long as women and others believes the Boys’ Club has the ultimate power it will remain as a powerful institution and the majority of men will continue to treat their fellow female co-workers like 3rd class citizens and the majority of women will continue to stand by and let them.

As long as women continue to be silent, the men will keep demanding what they think is their rightful place as the powerful ones. The Boys’ Club never sees you for who you really are anyway; they like you for all the wrong reasons.  At least now they will dislike us for all the right reasons.

It is crucial that a wide audience, spanning one class to another read blogs like mine so as to help ensure women like myself who are capable of doing a traditionally man’s job are not disrespected and abused.  My message is vital and timely and must be communicated not only to the women who are suffering in silence but the men and women who are in positions of power within government and industry who need to stand up and do the right thing.  They are well aware of the boys club established dominance but are doing nothing except to help support the club members by continually dismissing and denying gender discrimination hoping that women will continue to be afraid to speak out and eventually just go away.  This is what the establishment expects us to do, so my message to women will be to fear not, speak up and disappoint the “Boys’ club”.  This, in my opinion, the only way to start to change the gender imbalance so as to reclaim our voice and power as women.


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  1. Liane, I think you show a lot of courage speaking up about this. I truly admire you. I have been thinking about these issues for a long time as well. One of the difficulties, as you mention, can be the recognition of discrimination. To solve a problem, first we have to see it. For some reason, when it happens in our daily lives, discrimination seems to remain largely invisible, as though we have been conditioned into accepting it. As a consequence, I think the types of changes we need would take deeper thinking and reconditioning… a difficult thing to achieve in this fast paced society. I think a lot of us are going through a learning curve at the moment… and it is taking a long time.
    I don’t think it is a simple issue to understand, but I am trying to build a picture of what may be important factors. Ideas have come from many sources. I am grateful for the books, the internet, family and friends, and time for reflection and meditation.
    My children and friends have given me a lot of opportunities to better understand and to put into practice different approaches, but I must admit it can be extremely difficult to do when a male supervisor starts yelling at me in a work situation!
    Best wishes to you and to all of us wanting to improve things. I think we are making progress, and this is important stuff. Whether we recognize it or not, we all want equality in all forms. All of us will benefit.

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