Proceeding to a Board of Inquiry

Women have limited resources to help them if they’re being harassed at their workplace, and this needs to change.

Sadly, blue-collar and civilian workers facing harassment in male-dominated work environments have been speaking out for decades, without much support. Women in IT, politics, construction, law, and academics are beginning to speak out about gender discrimination in the workplace within North America and beyond. But women in traditionally male-dominant jobs like police officers, firefighters, and so on are up close and personal with these types of situations every day, and are constantly silent victims because there is nowhere for them to go to complain. This kind of workplace violence against women is just not taken seriously, not by employers, not by unions, and not even by own our government.

My Human Rights case is to proceed to a board of Inquiry.

Please see:

Victory! Halifax firefighter’s human rights case to proceed to Board of Inquiry




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