International Women’s Day 2016: Now’s the time!

It still amazes me that I have had to spend 15 years fighting against misogyny and discrimination in the workplace, and that after all these years, I am still not done fighting. Throughout history, women have had to fight tooth and nail for every advancement we have had thus far, and right now is no exception. The toxic culture of misogyny manifests in workplaces across Canada and beyond, and thankfully we, as women, are refusing to be silent about the discrimination we are subjected to in the workplace, as the brave women who filed a complaint of sexual harassment against the RCMP attest. As more and more of us step forward, our rights as women as well as our concerns are finally being taken seriously, but the battle is far from over. Please consider donating to my IndieGogo fund, which exists to help me continue to finance my ongoing legal battle with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, and share the page with family and friends. Thank you.