Speaking Our Minds–Again

This is an edited re-post of an earlier entry.

Tackling the misconceptions and worn out popular fallacies concerning the issue of gender based discrimination is an arduous and frustrating undertaking, exacting a huge social and emotional toll on women – and I should know.  Challenging the status quo is an uphill battle; the bureaucracy is fully in place.  However, I believe that details of my personal struggles as a woman working within a male dominated workplace can help to change the deep divide that I feel is still operating among the sexes today.

I believe that the Boys’ Club is alive and well despite reports that say we have made it. The initiation of sensitivity/diversity training, policies and laws that are in place surrounding the issues of sexism in the workplace, are a good part, but they need to be moved from paper and put into practice. Until the ideas of equality are taken seriously, implemented and followed up, Boys’ Clubs will continue to flourish and continue to exercise power of exclusion, oppression, and marginalization. Women need to feel safe to voice their struggles.

I have been trying to get my story out for years and have gone public in the past with marginal success. I feel that more women would speak out about discrimination within other male dominated workplaces were they aware of my story.  I am dedicated to continuing with the project and I hope that this blog will be a way to encourage others to speak out. As the details of my story unfold, I hope that I may inspire and encourage those who suffer in silence and move our society in a more equitable direction.


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